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Where’s my thought…? March 23, 2011

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Where’s my thought?
Far from where it began.
No roots to keep in on target.
Moving rapidly into negativity.
It started as a fun idea.
Moved to doubt.
Back to possibility.
Hey, where’s my thought?
Bring it back to its purity.
The idea was to try out a new skill.
Maybe write a poem…
I can’t write a poem.
Well, just maybe I can.
Guess what…?


2 Responses to “Where’s my thought…?”

  1. Steve Taulli Says:

    This post you made about “Writing a poem/Can’t write a poem”???? Been writin’ poetry for 10 plus years. Just started writing lyrics this year. Diane,,,,,Never doubt your creative abilities. Find your “Poetic Zone” and start “Spillin’ the Ink”. You will be suprised and inspired. If at first you can’t make the thoughts flow, try doin’ what I do…….”Listen to the Wind”. Poetically Yours

    • mimirogers3 Says:

      Hi Steve – I’ve always loved to write. I just haven’t tried poetry. It really is a release for me. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I’ll try listening to the wind, too.

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