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Hard Lessons to Learn September 22, 2009

Filed under: Appreciation — Diane Turk Rogers @ 7:46 am

Well.  Here I am at 46 learning a big lesson in humility.  I have a client who is teaching me a lot about a lot of things; being professional, what’s important, putting my pride aside, winning isn’t everything, the client is always right (that’s a hard one!) and kindness should always prevail.  What has transpired over the last four days has actually made me “sick.”  And I mean that literally, not just figuratively.  I’m so upset that I can still let people get to me like this, but I pretty much set myself up.  I wanted to “win” and used the wrong tactics to get there.  This person is better at this than I am.  And that’s not really even the point.  I shouldn’t have wanted to “win.”  My goal should have been to keep everyone happy.  Instead I wanted to have the final word.  I wanted make the rules.  I wanted to be what I considered “strong” in the situation.  Instead, I gave this person ammunition to pay me back in spades!  And boy is she!!  My biggest lesson learned is to prepare for important conversations.  Have a script and responses to possible reactions from the other person.  Also, determine before I make the call or send the email, “Is this coming from my “ego” or from my “heart.”  Think (a lot) before I speak.  Then, wait 5 minutes before making contact.  Then ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”


One Response to “Hard Lessons to Learn”

  1. Nancy Says:

    hey Sister,
    As I was reading this blog I was relating to a simular experience I had as well…(again) Except as you know I was the buyer and she was the agent. As I read how you felt I began to think about how unruly my behavior was with Cindy and how ungreatful and unthankful my behavior was.. I really regret it and have for some time. She really ended up getting me an awsome house…and we were so at odds by then my son picked up the keys from her office and although I have since had a chance to thank her, I could tell by our conversation that she was determined to forget me forever as soon as she hung up the phone. I really regret that…and often she comes to mind and I wonder if…when…and how someday I’ll make things right with her…You see, although she was not a perfect angel in the relationship either, the shameful part of it is “we are both Christians….and and I’m sure Our Heavenly Father would probably say He is the proud parent of these two of His children. That hurts to say!
    As I was reading your blog I realized I had something in my heart that I thought would help us all and I believe it’s something the Lord put there when I had to learn to love and accept some of my son’s gay friends. “He is somebody’s son” When I began to explore that thought, I was so full of love for my own son that I was instantly filled with love and compassion for the person I was upset about. How wonderful the world would be if we could always instantly have one of those “ah ha” moments before we speak to some one we perceive has wronged us in some way! Really, when you begin to think about that person as someone’s Son, someone’s daughter, someone’s mother….sister and so on they suddenly become a person of importance in someone’s life and more real, more human… and hopefully of more value to us than “Our Needs” “Our Pride”…..”Our” “SELF”….
    God help me to…all of us as Your children “love others at least as much as we love ourselves”

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